You ran your first marathon, now what??

Runner on pavement with running shoes
Photo by sporlab on Unsplash

You finally did it. You started small with the kids fun run sneaking in behind your 3 year old, worked your way through the 5K, the 10K, crushed the half marathon and trained so hard to finish that very first marathon. Congrats! That's a huge acheivement! After you start to come down from that post-marathon high and your legs start to get some feeling back in them, you end up here, wondering "what's next after the marathon?"

We scraped together the best feedback we found to answer that question.

Run another marathon!

Training went well for the last one, so why not work your way to another? Your first marathon goals might have been completion, so why not challenge yourself with a new goal for the next one. A few of those could include not walking any part of the race, getting a PR, tackling a destination marathon, running a marathon in every state and even trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon!

Run shorter races, faster.

Pick a distance shorter than the marathon and sign up for that race. Try to tick off each distance you've run before and set a new PR now that you have the confidence that you are a marathon runner.

Signup for your first ultra marathon.

The marathon isn't the longest race out there, but anything beyond is considered an ultramarathon. Start easy with a 50K, just about 5 miles longer than the marathon, or go for broke and hit a 100 mile race. These races are run on both trail and road and can be found in all parts of the world. Even Death Valley.

Run your first Ironman (or triathalon)

Endurance racing isn't all about running. Both cycling and swimming have their own world of races but the triathalon combines the best parts of all three into one multi-stage race. The crown jewel is the Ironman Triathalon with a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112 mile bicycle ride and capped off with a marathon. Back to back to back. There are Ironman races in six different continents.


Whatever you choose, don't stop running.

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